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Plane of knowledge

Project lazerus has several new NPCs in this zone.

Translocator In addition to the many existing pirtak stones there now exists x to the far east. Hail him and see which zones he can take you to.

Be careful as he may not always drop you in a safe location.

Buffer Rubrae is next to a tree near the bank on the inside east side. Hail her to see what buffs are available.

The normal buffs start costing after level 10, apply to the whole group and last 3 min per level.

Corpse summoner In the casters gm house in the outer eastern section you can find a corpse summoner, who will for a fee (from level 15) summon all your corpses.

Resurrection Next to the corpse summoner who will for a fee resurrect your corpse.

Diamond coin merchants

Diamond coins are unique alternative currency in project lazerus. You can convert them in your inventory tabs and then use them to purchase weapons, armour, misc items and epic items in plane of knowledge.

The weapon, misc items and armour DC merchants are found in the southern end of the easten outer ring end.

Gold Coin Merchants

Another alternative currency are gold coins these are acquired by donating hard currency.

You can purchase mounts, ornaments, xp pots and misc services and items from merchants located on the eastern end of the inner circle.