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Authors: Coriantum, Kage, Crank, Trilkin


Before starting, keep in mind that tradeskills (TS) uses the strongest of INT or WIS to determine how fast your character learn a skill.

Three TS can use a third stats Blacksmithing (STR), Fletching (DEX) and Poison Making (DEX).

So try to get buffed and/or geared in the highest one before starting to practice TS.

MQ2 comes with a combine Mac, so you'll be able to automate your crafting, allowing you to do some AFK TS leveling.

Just open the crafting container (brew barrel, jewellery kit,...) and search the recipe in the advanced TS window, select it and type "/Mac combine", your character will now combine until out of component.

Don't forget to /Mac E3 back when you have finished or if you want to stop combining.


Once you master a tradeskill (skill 300), you can obtain trophies that give you a crafting skill modifier and a stat boost. They can be placed in the otherwise unused Power Source slot for their bonuses!


New Tanaan Crafting Mastery → After your first Tradeskill go trough the 200 cap, you'll need to spend points in this AA to allow an other skill to go past 200.

Alchemy/Baking/Brewing/... Mastery → Reduce the chance of failing by 10, 25 and 50%, not a necessity on cheap TS such as Brewing, but a must have on the expensive ones like Jewelcrafting.

♦♦♦ Salvage seems to be broken and from the latest news doesn't avoid the component loss ♦♦♦

Guides, Notes and Custom Recipes

Tradeskills with unfinished pages lead to their respective guides on


Shaman only.

Endurance Potions


Stat Food


Throwing Items


Stat Drinks


Custom Familiars


Custom Augments

Poison Making

Rogue only.

Custom Poisons


Custom Charms


Custom Bags


Gnome only.

Custom Tinkering