Slot 3 Augs

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Armor Slot 3 Augs:

All gear slots except Primary and Secondary are considered 'Armor' slots.

These augs offer a wide variety of Stats and Spell Focii for deeper and more varied character advancement.

Current Sources for Armor Slot 3s include:

Weapon Slot 3 Augs (Beta):

Primary and Secondary slots are considered 'Weapon' slots.

These weapon augs are intended to add a more varied and unique approach to bonus damage, healing, and other uniquely specialized effects.

All Melee classes (along with Bard) have access to Slot 3 augs that function like typical damage or proc augs. These augs will be exclusive to these classes.

All Hybrids, Casters, and Priests will share a selection of these augs that will proc from spellcasting rather than weapon swings. Some augs will be limited to certain class archetypes or spell types.

**In their current forms, these augs have some known minor issues with erroneous resist settings and item descriptions (lore on the augs themselves will best explain their functions). Additionally, two of the Secondary slot aug recipes will be inactive until they are in a more functional state.**

Current Sources for Weapon Slot 3s include: