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Some of these links are available in the Navigation panel on the left. The rest are collected from Discord. Original authors and linkers of information are credited. Anything else is part of the site infrastructure.

General Game and Character Information

Lazarus Allakhazam

If you want to know what a zone has, where an item comes from, what a particular recipe needs, or any other similar data, you'll find it all here.

Lazarus Magelo

This will let you see detailed information about any character on the server. Great to see AA builds with.

Server Changelog

This changelog is out of date! Check the #changelog channel on Discord for more up-to-date information. Leaving this link here anyway just in case.

Discord Server

There is a lot of good information here along with the the community itself. Note that the OOC channel in-game is serverwide and is relayed to Discord. The relay is bidirectional so you can chat with people in game if you happen to be away.


Tracks the characters with the most currencies, HP/Mana and AA points.

Online Players

Check out who's online along with race/class spread and links to Magelo for each character and guild.

Transaction Information

Lets you see transactions based on character name or currency type.

Custom Lazarus Changes

Created by forsi. An extensive list of Project Lazarus-specific changes from vanilla EQ.

Group Building Tree

Created by Anomander Rake. A visual aid for making a solid end-game viable group with simple guidelines.

Item and Ability Information

AC Augment List

Provided by tibbs3d. A list of armor class augmentations for your tanks.

Weapon Ornaments

Crated by Mowe. A Drive folder full of images of available weapon ornaments.

Detailed AA Information

Provided by Samadcit. Extensive and detailed information about all of the AAs in the game. Site also has databases of other great information.

Provided by Trilkin. General information for progression/time-locked servers. Applies to Lazarus as well.

Zone-specific Guides

Qvic Map and Guide

Provided by Deft. Qvic is the end-game zone for Gates of Discord - the current content cap of Lazarus. This map will be helpful in navigating it and scooping up loot from the bosses.

Other Stuff

Server Utilization

Nerdstats for people interested to see how the server is currently running.