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Author: Coriantum

Newbie Quests :

If you've read the Getting Started page, you won't need to do newbie quests, as you'll be 20 in less than 30min. But tutorial zone provide somes quests you can found here.

Custom Lazarus Quests :

Plane of Knowledge

The Charm of Knowledge -> Journeyman Lazarus Charm nice charm with self PoK TP.

Dronk's Hitlist -> Gives you a full set of Lazarus armor (plate/chain/leather/silk depending on your class) Lvl 1 needed.

Montolio's Memories -> Gives you a full set of Ornate Lazarus armor Lvl 30 needed.

Vierna's Hate -> Gives you a full set of Intricate Lazarus armor Lvl 50 needed.

Plane of Tranquility

Dark side of the Moon -> Master Lazarus Charm (insta cast group PoK TP)

Epic Quests 1.0 :

Epic quest 1.0 on Lazarus are similar to live, some bottleneck items are avaible for Diamond Coins from Quaser in PoK.

Epics are boosted here on Lazarus so the quest is still worth, SHD and PAL can convert their 2 Hander Epic to a 1 Hander and back for 1000pp by hailing Victorian in PoK.

Bard Quest

Singing Short Sword

Beastlord Quest

Primary: Claw of the savage Spirit

Secondary: Claw of the Savage Spirit

Berserker Quest

Kerasian Axe of Ire

Cleric Quest

Water Sprinlker of Nem Ankh

Druid Quest

Nature Walkers Scimitar

Enchanter Quest

Staff of the Serpent

Magician Quest

Spell: Summon Orb

Orb of Mastery

Monk Quest

Celestial Fists

Necromancer Quest

Scythe of the Shadowed Soul

Paladin Quest

2 Hand: Fiery Defender

1 Hand: Fiery Defender

Ranger Quest

Primary: Earthcaller

Secondary: Swiftwind

Rogue Quest


Shadowknight Quest

2 Hand: Innoruuk's Curse

1 Hand: Innoruuk's Curse

Shaman Quest

Spear of Fate

Warrior Quest

2 Hand: Jagged Blade of War

1 Hand: Blade of Tactics

1 Hand: Blade of Strategy

Wizard Quest

Staff of the Four

Popular or Usefull Quests :

PoP Flagging as Intricate Wooden Figurine as been made an augment here and is custom boosted for each class.

LDON progression as Wayfarer Brotherhood Emblem as been boosted and given Call of the Hero .