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Paladin Tips from Sirhopsalot

Paladins can be a main tank here. They still won't have the natural tankiness of a Warrior, but they make up for it with stun aggro, stun heals, lay hands, and high DPS.


Your top job is to hold aggro, and nothing does it better for Paladin than the Beacon of the Righteous AA. It's on a 1 minute cooldown, so you can't use it every fight while grinding, but you can use it often. When it's down, use all your stuns, either AE for multiple mobs or single targets if you've just got 1.

I've found it helpful to use this Ifs statement with nukes to automatically use stuns when you lose aggro.

[Ifs] LostAggro=(${Me.PctAggro}<100)


For DPS, the main AA you'll want is Disruptive Persecution and Rush to Judgement 3. That makes it so you can use Disruptive Persecution every 9 seconds. This is massive DPS and in short fights you'll often out damage a Mage or Wizard. The damage output is effected by the Druid Aura, so be sure you have a Druid. BUT, it's a huge mana sink, so plan for that. The mana recovery options are Beast focused paragon, Enchanter second spire and azure mind crystals, and Mage Large Modulation Shards. You'll need either a Beast or to use a combination of the Enchanter/Mage solutions to be able to grind continuously.


Max Combat Agility, Combat Stability, and Shield Block as soon as you can. They make a difference.

For Self Heals, you'll want Healing Light (maxed at 6), Healing Adept, and Healing Gift. This will get you stun spell procs of 2K+ heals, and yes, it procs off of Disruptive Persecution. That said, you will not be able to keep yourself up with these, in a long fight they could amount to 10K heals, but in the same time your healers will have done 40K+ heals each, the 10K heals will not keep you alive.


Your melee DPS is secondary, it's just a nice to have. When you've invested in all your sustain AAs and Disruptive Persecution, then start on melee.


Your top equipment goal is AC (not damage). At around 2300 AC you can tank Pofire minis. It takes a couple hundred more to tank Potime. The main thing is to get the highest AC equipment you can find, and then get all of the AC augs on those equipment.

Note, Hopebringer is not all it's cracked up to be. It's a nice sword but it won't make the difference of winning or losing a fight. The proc heal is 400-500 and it procs 1-2 times per minute.