LDON progression

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LDON overview

LDON adventures are avaible after you reach lvl 15.

They are a great way to lvl as mobs will always be around your group average level.

Be aware that approximately after each 5 level dungeons mobs take a step up, so you might pass from light blue to black/yellow. This is particularly visible when you reach 63 where normal LDON became to be Red/Yellow.

I strongly recommend to do only normal adventures if you try to reach Wayfarer Brotherhood Emblem as they count the same as hard ones for the quest.

Adventures have a 30min cooldown, meaning you can't re-enter the same type at the same place before the 30min (usually returning you a no adventure can be found if you do so), you still can do the same type at a different camp, or a different type at the same camp.

To do Raid with a single group, just degroup a toon and invite him to a raid, then ask Raid adventure giver for a Raid.

You can buy with the LDON points any item at any camp, but you'll need to have at least earned the item cost in the camp you're buying.

If you don't know where the entrance for your adventure is, just check the compass for a blue line. (ALT+D if you lost your compass)

Unlocking LDON Adventures

First go hail the Froglock behind Main Bank in PoK, do the highlighted text on all your toons.

You will then need to find one of the following in a Wayfarer Brotherhood camp :

Butcherblock -> Vual Stoutest

East Commonlands -> Barstre Songweaver

Everfrost -> Teria Grinntli

North Ro -> Ruanya Windleaf

South Ro -> Selephra Giztral

You will then have to Hail him/her and give the following answer on all your toons :

1: adventures

2: favor journal

3: Morden Rasp

4: farstone

You will now have access to the magus transportation system.

There is one in each camp, and one behind Main Bank in PoK on the side of the Froglock who gave you the quest.

They will be able to teleport you to any wayfarer camp at will.

Adventurer's Stone progression

After every 2 wins at a camp, you'll need to hail a specific NPC to get your adventurers stone to upgrade.

The first hails are at camp, but after a few of them, the NPC will change and is not always at camp.

Check the following pages to see who to hail.

Butcherblock/Mistmoore Catacombs

East Commonlands/Rujarkian Hills

Everfrost/Miragul's Menagerie

North Ro/Takish-Hiz

South Ro/Deepest Guk

Required Wins to Max Adventurer's Stone

  • Takish-Hiz - 78
  • Deepest Guk - 70
  • Rujarkian Hills - 74
  • Mistmoore Catacombs - 76
  • Miragul's Menagerie - 68

Wayfarer's Brotherhood Emblem

To exchange your Adventurer's Stone for a Wayfarer's Brotherhood Emblem, head to Chaenz Abella in the Wayfarer's camp in the Commonlands