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How do I get flagged for Kod'Taz?

To get flagged for Kod'Taz you have to either do the Sewers or the Smith Rondo event and Tipt/Vxed. Then you'll be flagged for Kod'Taz.

For the sewers, after each one you'll get a "temporary flag", you need to go back and have all your toons hail Scribe Gurru to get the permanent flag after every instance.

Then complete Tipt to get into Vxed and complete Vxed to get your flag. After that you can get into Kod'Taz.

Side Note: If you go straight to Tipt/Vxed your lead toon will get flagged for Kod'Taz. This isn't intentional and has caused some confusion. You do have to do either Sewers or Smith Rondo to get flagged.

Full Walkthrough


The Flagging Path

Smith Rondo or Sewers > Tipt > Vxed > Kod'Taz Access

Ikkinz 1-3 Raid > Ikkinz 4 Raid

Ikkinz 4 Raid and Uqua > Qvic Access

Inktuta > Txevu Access

Kill High Priest and Zun`Muram Tkarish Zyk in Txevu > Tacvi Access