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Enchanter is a really powerfull class, unfortunately, they need a lot of manual interaction to really shine, so they tend to stay average in our boxing community. But don't underestimate them, they are still a powerfull class if you get the good AA and play them wisely.

Gameplay Style

Solo: Solo isn't recommended as it closes you a lot of content for end levels, but Enchanter is a really strong solo class, our animation have a really strong inate AC (for tanking) and DEX (for proc rate), so if you've read the getting started, you'll get a good way to fight until late 50s, just throw your strongest slow and haste your pet, as their proc rate is just insane. Be carefull with your DD, as until lvl 60 they all have a stun component who generate tons of aggro. You can solo pull with mez and aim big targets for leveling. Latter on, you'll be able to Dire Charm some mobs and have a secure way of getting a strong pet.

Melee Group: Enchanter aren't the best suited for melee group, even if they get the best Haste spells, a shaman can do the job and will get melee buffs we don't have, still DC pets are a good addition later on, but past Plane of Power, DC pet choices start to disapear. So might not be the best choice if you plan making a melee group. You can still stun lock to save hit on your fellow comrades, but you'll benefit more from an other class.

Caster Group: Here comes the real enchanter addition to a group. We got the best mana regen buffs, and a wide variety of tools, from aggro buffs (increase for tank and decrease for heavy hitters) to a dual cast Aura that allow your casters friends a chance to fire twice their nukes and detrimental spells. A 65 wizard without much AA and gear can crit a 3K+ AoE on a low dmg frost spell, some high lvl Wiz with good stuff crit up to 30K, when this dual cast it get pretty nasty. Mana Flare buff allow you to give a 700DD proc to all detrimental spell cast, this allow you to increase dmg done by your group.

AoE Group if you don't plan on buying a Fabled Earthshaker, the only good way to do AoE group is to have an Enchanter Stun lock a pack of mobs and let your Wiz/Mag AoE kill them, it 'll take some practice and a lot of dying, trying to set the good inis, but the reward is worth the work, as it is one of the best xp making solutions.


Stun Locking stun locking is the way an enchanter keeps mobs stunned almost indefinitly by using our color PBAE stun spell line. It require a lot of practice as a resist might get you interrupted and then killed if you pull too much mobs, so try increasing and know your limits. After 55 it gets harder to do until you are able to get Bite of Tashani AA (PBAE MR debuff).

Usefull tips to limit spell interruption from push is either stand in a corner, so when mobs hit you, you'll be blocked by the wall and won't move, or buy a mount, as standing on a mount avoid push.

You should set your color spells in the PBAE section of your enchanter ini starting with the longest one.

Typical 65 Enchanter Ini gets PBAE section writen as below (Gem order doesn't matter, just remember to get them on a slot you won't need to scribe when you'll have to use it)

PBAE=Color Slant/Gem|1
PBAE=Bite of Tashani/CheckFor|Bite of Tashani
PBAE=Color Skew/Gem|2
PBAE=Color Shift/Gem|3
PBAE=Color Flux/Gem|4

Buffing/Debuffing buffing/debuffing is the main occupation of an enchanter, the 2 most used buffs are our hastes and our mana regen buffs. But we get a lot of other usefull line of spells. The most known is the Rune line, it give you an absorb shield who will fade when you'll take the amount of damage given. Be careful when you Rune in combat as it generate twice the aggro for each absorbed dmg.

The visage line is also really usefull, it is a short duration buff but it will allow you to increase or decrease the amount of hate generated by your target by a percent, usefull to help your tank build aggro and to limit aggro built by your heavy hitters.

Mana Flare get a special mention as it give a 700DD proc to all detrimental spells, your WIZ/MAG should always be buffed with it and you can buff yourself when you reach lvl 60 and get our first non stun nuke.

Tashan (Magic resist debuff) and Slow are the 2 most used debuff, the first is always your first action in combat and the second follow allowing your party to be less resisted and reducing greatly the damage taken. Our other debuffs aren't that great except our mana drains/burn, theft of tought allow you to drain 400 mana for 25 mana and Scryer's Trespass will drain 50 mana/tick even when your target is dead, this ensure we will almost never be out of mana.

Main=Theft of Tought/MaxMana|80

Once lvl 65 make sure to always have Ward of Bedazzlement up, it will give you a chance to mez any opponent who dare hit you.

AA Recommandation

Depending on your playstyle, here are some AA you'll want to get early on.

Bite of Tashani → PBAE mana free magic resist debuff, will save your group a lot of resist, and a needed AA for stun locking at high lvl.

Dire Charm → A good way to get extra DPS as NPC use to hit way harder than pets and PC, Lazarus changes have made this skill to cap at lvl 66 mobs.

Auroria Mastery → allow you to cast two aura at once, so you can add mana regen or aggro reduction aura to your dual cast aura (just remember to block aggro aura on your tank).

Combat agility, Shield Block/Staff Block, Persistant Casting those are our life saving AA, cloth wearer have very little AC, so avoiding damage is always better than reducing it, it's why combat agility benefit us more than combat stability (which is still usefull), and Persistant Casting allow you a chance to continue casting when you are stunned.

Eldritch Rune → a mana free Self Rune, allowing you to take a few hit if anything else have failed.

Azure and sanguine mind crystal → allow you to create crystals who give mana to the character who use them, not a priority but a usefull AA.

Spell Casting Reinforcement → we got really good buffs (Haste, mana regen,...), extending their duration is always good.

Animation empathy, Pet affinity we have a great pet, but he don't want to fight when we want and never go back once he start, the first AA get rid of this problem, the second allow your pet to get group buff with your team.

Aggro and mana reduction AA aren't really usefull, spend only if you got those you need, we generate a lot of aggro at the beggining of the fight with our debuffs (tash/slow) but not much after, a taunt should be enough to get your tank on tracks. And when we stun lock, the aggro generation done by the stuns is so insane that your tank will keep struggling even if he have good aggro AA and we try to be subble and our mana consumption isn't really high.


As most Casters try to find heavy focus gear. Best focus are Mana cost reduction, buff and debuff duration and casting time reduction.

Elemental silk armor is a good bet as it got a lot of focus and decent stats.

Try to find a good shield or a good 2 Hand Blunt weapon and get the Shield block or Staff block AA to avoid a good amount of damage.

High hp/Int gear are the best, we gain a good amount of mana per Int point and a pretty bad amount of health per STA point, our mana regen/consumption is well rounded and our survivability is critical when AoEing so the highest hp stuff is the best.