Anguish Raid Events

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All of Anguish' events have been balanced with the goal of retaining fight mechanics that remain true to their original form while being empowered for a much greater challenge. Many fights have tweaks that aim most of all at giving the entire raid an important part to play in every fight.

It is important to remember that these generalized tips for each fight are just a starting point to using your own raid's class makeup and strengths to form a more precise strategy to victory.

* Aug Minis

All five of the Anguish Minis have been tuned up along with the bosses so that they bring a solid challenge with their enhanced Aug drops. Expect significant Hitpoints, Melee damage, AE effects, and special attacks (Rampage, Flurry, etc.) on these fights.

* Keldovan the Harrier

Keldovan is the first Anguish boss players will meet who has received a large boost to not only his Melee, but also both direct and dot AE damage. This fight also serves as an example of how important Rampage tanks will be inside Anguish. Healers and dps will not appreciate landing on target for this mechanic in this zone. He also boasts the first of many significant Hitpoint increases that will test the reserves of raids who come unprepared for endurance fights that can outlast a raid wide burn.

Keldovan's adds have received their own statistical boosts and will require teamwork to prevent them from overwhelming the raid while efficiently triggering Keldovan's de-powering mechanic.

Strategic Tip: Killing several of Keldovan's adds fully strips away his powered up forms and leave him in a less dangerous state. However, he will also do periodic checks on his adds and will begin to regain his powers if he finds that all four of them are alive.

* Jelvan

The Jelvan event's three bosses have all received large statistical boosts across the board, along with a large increase to incoming AE damage. Finding a way to break through at least one of these bosses before the raid's health and mana are stretched too thin will be the critical factor in this fight.

Strategic Tip: Tanthu the Tormenter is considered by many to be the most dangerous of this boss trio. Raids may find it advantageous to focus their surplus dps against him before Tanthi and Tantho.

* Ture

Ture's statistical increases include very significant Melee damage potential and a twist on single target Rampage that players may not have encountered before. Avoiding Ture's AE Rampage remains a critical component of this fight, particularly with the combined threat of AE's that cause much more harm than their vanilla forms.

Strategic Tip: A general tip for all of Anguish, but most important here. Knights can be invaluable in this zone for their ability to wield 'DA Hammers' and limit the destruction from bosses with extreme Rampage potential. Ture is the peak example of this mechanic, with his ability to threaten more than one character with single target rampage.

* Warden Hanvar

Hanvar's tuning leaves him even more resilient than his original form, along with the potential to deal incredible harm with his Melee attacks.

Hanvar's add waves have been heavily adjusted to increase their challenge, with each of the four add types presenting unique statistical/ability challenges of their own. Raids will want to prioritize killing these adds at all costs before they sacrifice to Hanvar, as the AE that follows can be truly punishing.

Strategic Tip: Mana preservation and recovery will be crucial on this fight, as it demands both endurance and bursts of high dps/healing to ensure that adds do not explode on the raid. Players may find it beneficial to stagger their burns against these add waves.

* Arch Magus Vangl

Wielding many of the dangerous AEs previously encountered in Anguish, AMV brings his own statistical Melee boosts along with his adds that threaten to overwhelm any raid that cannot dispatch them as quickly as possible. AMV's Mark of Death AE includes the increased risk of an even shorter countdown til death.

Strategic Tip: Alchemy can provide an alternative curing method for the Mark of Death AE that will reduce the strain on Priest class curing.

* Overlord Mata Muram

Mata Muram is even more of a statistical powerhouse than his original form, while wielding his own lineup of revamped AEs. Handling the swarming adds on this fight will be crucial, as they can quickly overwhelm unsuspecting characters they spawn under.

OMM's mask click mechanic, while likely automated in E3 by default for most raiders, has an added risk that masks will receive a longer cooldown time on use. Should he choose to target the same character multiple times, the raid will have no choice but to wield whatever abilities they can muster to absorb his incredible damage output.

Strategic Tip: Keeping groups fully healed (MGB healing abilities) is crucial for this fight, as Mata Muram's Gaze and the add spawns can both mean a quick death for injured group members.